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Mood Boarding

Ideally, our joint journey starts here. A mood board is always the first step when conceptualizing a design. It helps setting the direction we go in, it creates the mood of the future space. Mood boarding works either for only one area, a whole room or your entire home. Let’s set the parameters in an initial, first design consultation and see to what extend I can help.

Detailed Planning

Once style and esthetics are defined we could take one step further and start the detailed planning process. This means fine tuning with the help of true-to-scale plans, perspective drawings, product samples, and lots of lists (no worries – mostly shopping lists). If the design requires external services or craftmanship I will organise cost estimates and outline timetables.


Project Management

No idea which builder to hire? No time to let in the carpenter? Don’t worry! I am happy to recommend my contractors such as builders, carpenters, painters, electricians, seamstresses, stucco plasterers and many more. I also offer to coordinate their work from beginning to completion. You get involved in the process only as much as you want.

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